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In business for over 30 years, Italian Rose provides consistency to our consumers and customers; convenience to chefs, restaurant owners and home cooks alike. Our National Sales Team and superior logistic services give customers confidence when buying our brands. They sell well because we make what America wants to eat! Fresh to table!

Our customer service team can process your order or get samples to customers, account managers, and distributors alike.

Italian Rose—Fresh, Vibrant Flavors for Snacking and Creative Cooking

Today’s sophisticated consumers relish vibrant flavors at every meal, especially for those dishes prepared at home. For more than 30 years, Italian Rose has offered fresh salsas, dips, sauces and spreads to make every meal exquisite. Our innovative approach and commitment to freshness has earned Italian Rose a place in the best kitchens across the country.

Italian Rose uses only fresh produce that is never heated, prepackaged or overly handled. The majority of our tomatoes are grown in Florida. These juicy, plump beauties are washed, chopped and mixed with crisp onions, cilantro and jalapeños to create an experience true to original, natural salsa created by indigenous peoples centuries ago.

In addition to the Italian Rose line of products, our consumer flagship brand is Tabla Fresca, which features the “fresh to table experience”. Fresh Bruschetta and Fresh Pico de Gallo are just two of the mouthwatering options. Tabla Fresca has a wide variety of salsa dice options and levels of heat.

Growing consumer demand for zesty, natural ingredients is why Italian Rose products are a must have for retailers, restaurateurs, consumers, cooks and chefs. Italian Rose products are available at select Sam’s Club and Walmart locations nationwide. The new Tabla Fresca line can be found at Publix Stores. The Italian Rose facilities are located in West Palm Beach and house 100,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing and distribution facilities.

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