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From the beginning to the end...quality and safety remains number one.

Italian Rose Garlic Products operates from a state of the art manufacturing facility boasting several production lines – including cold-pack and thermal-pack products – operating at peak efficiency. Our main office also offers a full-service business center and conference room suitable for client meetings with our sales staff.

In addition, our facilities offer full-service Research & Development Kitchens. Our expert culinary development team featuring former restaurant and executive chefs, work direction with our customers and sales staff to customize products to customer's exact flavor profiles and quality standards.

Creation, customization of and specialization in fresh, made to order, high-end, gourmet dips, spreads, sauces, salads and salsa products allows Italian Rose to stand out in our market as the premier custom-product manufacturer.

Italian Rose garlic Products, inc. handles several fresh produce ingredients and understands the need to have strong Food Safety and Quality Assurance department to ensure the constant supply of delicious safe products to the customers and consumers. With that in mind,since 2015, Italian Rose Food Safety and Quality Assurance Team is supervised by UF Food Science PhD Degree Recipient with specialization in Food Microbiology. We have HACCP certified and experienced technicians on board to monitor and verify our day to day activities.

Italian Rose safety and quality systems are designed around a HACCP and we are proud to have maintained SQF 7.2, Level 3 certification to be in compliance with the Global Food Safety Initiative. We have experienced and certified Preventive Control Qualified Individual (PCQI) on board to assist with the FDA Food Safety and Modernization Act requirements.

Our main production facility also offers 6 separate receiving docks operating daily between 7am and 4pm minimizing the need for bulk storage and allowing our production staff to utilize only the freshest ingredients possible.

In 2011 Italian Rose expanded to include a second warehousing facility featuring several large cooler areas and a blast chiller. This new Storage and Shipping warehouse has allowed us to offer expand truckload service to our customers with the 5 Pick Up bays available.

The expanded warehousing space allows our fresh-made products to be stored for shipping and then consolidated into truckload or LTL loads and palletized all while maintaining proper temperature control.

In business for over 30 years, Italian Rose offers excellence in all areas of gourmet food products manufacturing; from conception of a fresh, new dish or a new take on an old favorite, our R & D staff works with our customers to ensure quality.

With strict adherence to safety and quality standards, our Production Staff offers consistency and quality. And with dedicated Customer Service and Sales Staff working directly for and with our customers, Italian Rose expects to continue to be a leader in the gourmet products market.