Fresh Salsas & Tomato Products

Italian Rose holds true to the belief that fresh is always best. We prove it with our line of fresh tomato products that will add fresh flavor to tortilla chips, nachos or Mexican entrees.

Assorted Garlic ProductsFresh Tomato Salsa

Fresh tomatoes, onions and jalapenos are diced and blended with cilantro and garlic for simple and delicious side to any entrée. By using fresh ingredients, Italian Rose has created the perfect authentic salsa.

Available in Hot, Medium or Mild varieties.

Fresh Bruschetta

A fresh alternative to our other Bruschetta product, this is the Italian Salsa – a blend of Roma tomatoes, basil and garlic with red onions and seasonings. Serve as a traditional salsa or spoon onto toasted bread and drizzle with a little olive oil for a delightful starter to any Italian meal.

Mango Salsa over swordfish

Mango Salsa

(Available with or without Peaches)
A sweet addition to our fresh tomato line – traditional salsa jazzed up with chunky mango and red pepper flakes. Used as a traditional salsa, of course, but consider topping fresh grilled seafood with this subtly sweet and spicy condiment and serving with couscous with fresh cilantro and chopped macadamia nuts for a exotic meal.




Assorted Salsa ProductsFire Roasted Salsa

A different approach to salsa –Smoky fire roasted tomatoes replace our usual Roma's for a delicious change of pace. A richly textured product that blends garlic, cilantro, red onions and fiery jalapenos – a special addition to any party tray!


Salsa Verde

A new idea in fresh salsa products, this green tomato and tomatillo-based salsa adds a citrusy lightness as a topping for rich dishes such as enchiladas and burritos. The bright flavor cuts through heavily spiced dishes like blackened chicken or seafood.

Corn Salsa with Jalapeno on tacosJalapeno & Corn Salsa

Fresh sweet corn is added to our traditional tomato salsa recipe and balanced with a bit more heat from extra jalapenos in this spicy addition to our salsa line. A perfect alternative to traditional salsa for those who are a bit more adventurous snackers.



Provencal Olive Salsa

Fresh Provencal herbs such as rosemary, lavender and thyme provide a unique flavor to our blend of black and green olives and fresh Roma tomatoes. A condiment that adds a touch of the gourmet to flame-grilled backyard burgers and makes the perfect topping for grilled or oven-roasted lamp chops.

Pineapple Mango Pico

The latest addition to the Italian Rose salsa family, this product is an almost chutney-like blend of tropical mango and pineapples combined with fresh mint and ginger. The ideal topper for heavily spiced meats and seafood.

Recipe suggestions for these products